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Phone: (916) 343-1164

Flat Rate All Inclusive Package Stopping Medical Review

We have recovered or eliminated debts totaling over 142 million dollars during the last eight years using our templates and arguments.
Click on the red link below to view a benchmark decision from the DAB in favor of our client.

    Medicare Appeals Council Multi-Million Dollar Decision in favor of our client.

    I take a limited number of clients per year, please call for availability. Having done this almost a decade, I personally guarantee my work in writing, and commit to stay with you until you are off of medical review. I also take you through the RHHI, QIC, and ALJ appeals to recover your money and will stay with you until the last decision letter arrives at your door.
    Look for these types of guarantees from other consulting providers when you interview them.

    Flat Rate Fee Consulting Package:

    This is a personalized concierge service based upon more than a decade of working with agencies across the nation. Each unique individual agency needs a custom tailored plan utilizing their existing resources to adopt proven solutions, keep the agency cash flow at a maximum level, create profit margins greater than you previously realized, and achieve the compliance Medicare demands.

    Profitability and compliance are words not often used together, but why make money if you cannot keep it? I have seen first hand the devastation brought to the lives of my clients at the whim of CMS over the past decade. Focused or Targeted medical review is a fact of life. Losing your business because of it does not have to be.

    Click for ZPIC Relief Advanced Comprehensive Package.

    Click for OIG Documentation of Coverage Requirements for Medicare Home Health Claims.pdf.

    ALJ and DAB Appeals Templates

    An appeal before the CMS ALJ is a legal brief asking the ALJ to dismiss the previous denials of payment. All Templates are written in legal format and are current in respect to the MBPM, CFR, SSA, USC, US Supreme Court cases.

    You do not have to be an attorney to represent yourself before the ALJ. You know your patients better than anyone else, and the quality of care you provide. If you can perform a chart review, you will have the ability to use the appeals templates custom developed for your agency.

    I am happy to answer your questions and give you a free assessment of your situation

    (916) 343-1164 or Click here to receive a no obligation assessment